WHEN you fail, fail quickly and move on

WHEN you fail, fail quickly and move on.


Choosing your trainer…

I am preparing to make a transition in my life and this will mean that some of my clients will need to find a new trainer. I absolutely will not leave any of my clients high and dry, so I’m trying to help them find a trainer but I’m also trying my best to give them the information they need to choose a trainer for themselves. I decided to put it in a blog post in case some of you are looking for a personal trainer, but aren’t totally sure what you’re looking for!


I remember being told that we, as trainers, can’t get our clients results… they do it for themselves, so the results (or lack there of) aren’t actually a reflection on the ability of the trainer. That’s a load of crap!!! lol. Getting results for our clients is exactly what we’re being hired to do! I don’t have a magic wand that I can waive over my clients to get them results but it is my job to educate them and keep them motivated and accountable. Honestly… I do have a few clients right now that aren’t really seeing much change. Is that my fault? A little bit… either I’m not providing them with the tools that they need to stay on track, or I should have told them at their consult that they’re not ready to start. However, most of my clients (about 85%) are seeing the results they want. I can tell you what the average % is of weight loss for my clients is per month, I can give you tons of before and after pictures, health stories, etc. When you meet with a trainer you’re considering hiring, I recommend that you ask them for client references. After all, you’re interviewing them! Training is expensive, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!


2. Make sure they’re your “style”

During the consult with the trainer you’re considering (side note- they should offer you a free consult! If they don’t… don’t waste your time with that person) you should ask what they’re training style is and what they specialize in. If a trainer responds with ” I don’t know” or “I like to train everyone”… RUN AWAY!!! lol. I’ve been the hiring manager at a couple different fitness facilities and I have seen, over and over again, that an unfocused trainer is essentially, a useless trainer. Harsh, but true. My training style is functional, and I specialize in weight loss and injury prevention training. If I have a guy come to me and say that he wants to gain 15 pounds of lean muscle, I know enough about fitness to get him results but that is not my area of expertise so he may want to consider looking for a trainer who specializes in that. If you’re a 54 year old woman looking to lose 20 pounds and to get stronger, you may not want to hire someone who specializes in training people for power lifting competitions…. ya know? Hope this part made sense.


3. Make sure you like the person…

This might sound a little “duh” but you should hire a trainer that you enjoy spending time with and that you feel comfortable calling/texting when you’re struggling with something. If you dread your workout and seeing your trainer, that just makes getting in shape that much harder.


4. Talk prices and schedule before you commit!

Again… this might sound dumb but I’ve had people come to their consults, go through the workout with me, get super pumped up and call me later that day to sign up for 3 session every week for 3 months…. and then we both realize that our schedules don’t match up at all or that 3 times per week just isn’t affordable. When you schedule your consult, make sure you let the trainer know at that time what availability you have for a training session.




Why I can’t stand the “big and beautiful” movement…

I really hope that I am able to get my thoughts across clearly and without hurting anyone! As a trainer, I usually try to keep things positive and encouraging, but on occasion I have to grab one of my clients, shake them a little bit, and get real with them. This post is about to get real 🙂

As new year resolutions have already started flowing, it’s amazing how many defensive posts I’ve seen on Facebook! Truly amazing. I’ve seen countless “Big and Beautiful” posts, some of which are actually putting down women that are at a healthy weight. I’ve seen a ton of posts that have pictures of women (who, by the way, are very beautiful) that are at a higher than healthy weight but the posts claim that this was the norm 50 years ago (by the way… 50 years ago the average dress size was an 8 which is smaller than our now size 4. Marilyn Monroe was considered larger than average with a 25″ waist), or “real men love curves”, “bones are for dogs, not men”… it goes on and on. We women can be so cruel to each other!

Let me say now that there are so many beautiful women of all shapes, colors, sizes, heights, etc. I absolutely agree with the idea that being overweight does not make a woman ugly or undesirable! All women should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of how pretty their face is or what size they wear. There are tons and tons of stunning women who wear plus sizes. I’d say the same for some really thin women as well as some of my body builder friends! There are beautiful women everywhere these days! What I can’t stand about the “Big and Beautiful” campaign is this…. beautiful or not, having a body fat percentage of over 29% (for pre-menopausal women) IS NOT HEALTHY! With that being said, let’s be fair and point out that neither is maintaining a body fat percentage lower than about 12%. With excess body fat all over the body we raise our risk for breast cancer, with excess internal belly fat (or visceral fat) we raise our risk for heart disease and diabetes. With a body fat percentage that is too low for too long we risk ruining our reproductive system and we can also cause serious damage to many of our organs.

Size should not be the focus!  I see “skinny” women all the time that have a higher than healthy body fat %! Smaller does not necessarily equal healthier. It’s hard being a woman, I know this because I’ve been one my whole life! We want to feel like we’re beautiful and that other people think that we’re beautiful. I have to remind myself often that worrying about how other people perceive my “beauty” adds nothing to my life. It probably takes away a little bit from my quality of life! I’ve come to realize that I get so much more out of taking care of myself! And, in my opinion, beauty and health usually come hand in hand. Glowing skin from all of those micro nutrients in a healthy diet, strong shiny hair, a high energy level through out the day (who doesn’t love a spunky girl?), the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle are endless!

My life passion is helping people get healthy!! The “Big and Beautiful” campaign (as well as others like it) can really make my job frustrating because it takes the focus off of healthy and puts “beauty” as the most important thing! I would love to see women stop focusing on what size they need to be to be “beautiful” and start focusing on just being healthy! I would like to challenge you lady readers to use 2014 to get healthy! Get active, eat well, do things you enjoy, and feed your mind and soul! Know that the number on the scale has absolutely no bearing on your beauty or worth and that you deserve to be healthy.



A little weekend encouragement!

I believe that weekends either make or break you. I see it all the time: people will eat right and stick with their workouts 5 days a week, then do/eat anything they want on the weekend. I’ve recently talked with a member of my gym who’s considering hiring a trainer. A few minutes into the conversation I found out that she doesn’t follow any kind of diet on the weekends and she doesn’t plan to workout on Saturdays or Sundays. When I pointed this out to her, she responded with “well, I eat perfectly 5 days a week and work my butt off in the gym Monday-Friday. I should still see more progress than I’ve been seeing!”. I wish that were true…but…. it’s not. Most people consume 21 meals in a week, so if you cheat for 7 of those (Friday night dinner, then 3 meals on both Saturday and Sunday), you’re cheating 1/3 of the time! Also, when it comes to exercise, you should allow yourself rest days but not back to back. You should never take 2 (or more) consecutive rest days. This will send you backwards in your progress. You should establish a weekend routine. Most people don’t have a set routine on Saturday and Sunday like they do Monday- Friday and this is why it’s so easy not to do what you know you should be doing. I would like to challenge you do at least 30 minutes of some kind of exercise today! I’ve got a list below of exercises you can do anywhere, with absolutely no equipment! I’ve also listed a delicious recipe that tastes like you’re cheating, but you’re not! I hope that you’ll do this one thing for yourself. Set aside 30 minutes today to make yourself better!

– Push Ups

– Jumping Jacks

– Sit Ups

– Mountain Climbers

– Glute Bridge March

– Tuck Jumps

– Plank

– Squats

– Lunges

… The list could go on and on!!

Try doing a circuit: 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. If you do all of the exercises listed above 3 times through and take a few minutes to stretch after you’re done, you’ve got a 30 minute workout!


Protein Peanut Butter Fudge:

1 cup each:

– Chocolate protein powder (I use Herbalife Formula 1- dutch chocolate)

– Peanut Butter- smooth

– Honey

– Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk

  • mix all of the ingredients together
  • spread the mixture into a 9×9 pan for bars or roll into quarter size balls for ‘truffles’
  • refrigerate for 1-3 hours
  • Enjoy!

* If you want to add some crunch, roll the balls (or top the bars) with Rice Krispies cereal.


I hope this helps you stay on track for the weekend!



Do Hard Things

 I would  like to challenge you to commit to doing something “hard” this week. I’m working on building some mental toughness for myself. I’ve recently come to see that I don’t deal well with normal life stressors. I dwell on them, worry, and overreact often. This seems to be the normal way of “dealing” with things. I don’t want to be normal (read: average) and I definitely don’t want to be stressed out all of the time! I want to lead a peaceful life! Developing mental toughness helps greatly in dealing with stress and comes only from doing “hard” things.

 I’ve decided to recommit to walking or riding my bike to work. I was doing great with this but seem to have become lazy as the weather has been getting colder.  I work only about 2 miles from my home, so it’s nothing  extreme but for me it is “hard”. It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. Find something that’s a little bit uncomfortable but provides some benefit. I challenge you to commit to doing that for at least 1 week. Increasing your mental toughness will increase your quality of life!  Comment with your commitment for the week! I’d love to be here to keep you accountable!



Setting Goals

On this Veteran’s Day, I would like to say “thank you” to all of those who have served and are currently serving! I truly and deeply appreciate the sacrifice that you and your families make every day! Happy Veteran’s Day!

Since I’ve already talked about Finding Your “Why”, I thought I should talk about setting goals. Being the best version of yourself does not happen by accident. Once you’ve decided it’s time for improvement (and this applies to any area of your life), you’ll need to set some goals.

  •  Set an ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal is where you want to reach and maintain. My ultimate goal when it comes to fitness is to be below 16% body fat with a high lean muscle mass. Once I’ve reached this, I’ll change my goals and plans to help me maintain this.
  •  Set a short term goal. The short term goal is a stepping stone to your ultimate goal. Set only one short term goal at a time! This should be something that you can attain within 90 days. For example, my current short term goal is to be below 110 pounds by Christmas (I’m only 4′ 11″ by the way…). This gives me something that is attainable in a short amount of time that will also help me to reach my ultimate goal. Accomplishing your short term goals will help keep you excited, encouraged, focused, and on track.
  •  Set a daily goal. Your daily goal is basically a habit that you’re trying to form that will help you reach your ultimate goal. This could be drinking 8 glasses of water, sleeping at least 6 hours, getting in a 30 minute workout, adding a serving of greens, etc. You can have up to 2 daily goals at a time. If you have 3 days in a row that you do not meet both of your daily goals, cut down to 1 goal at a time and add in a new daily goal each week. Again, setting daily goals is a practice to develop new habits. Your daily goals should be things you plan to continue indefinitely.

Just like I said in “Finding your ‘Why'”, it’s very important to make a visual for yourself and keep it close. This will be your secret weapon when temptation comes! Don’t sell yourself short, reach for the stars! Set your goals, find your “why”, and make a plan!



Sunday Funday Challenge!

If you’re like most people, you usually skip workouts on the weekend. I’ve decided to post a quick and simple workout challenge that you can do anywhere! After you’ve completed it, comment below with how long it took you to complete and any modifications you used!

– 25  Sit Ups

– 25 Squats

– 25 Push Ups

– 10 Burpees

-15 Sit Ups

– 15 Squats

– 15 Push Ups

– 12 Burpees

– 10 Sit Ups

– 10 Squats

– 10 Push Ups

– 15 Burpees


I’ll post my time below after I’ve completed it too!